Security Fencing

Fences come in various different types and designs for different purposes and perhaps the most commonly known fence type is the security fence.

Security fencing is defined by the level of protection it provides and dependant on individual requirements - it doesn’t necessarily need to look intimidating in order to provide effective security.

Peart Railings, such as bow top and vertical bar turn a security fence into a decorative feature. Fully welded panels with solid vertical bars make the panels rigid and resilient to attack. Additional security can be achieved by finishing the vertical bars with decorative finials or pointed tops.
Peart Railings provide discreet security and are a popular choice for installations within residential areas, such as schools, colleges, parks and libraries. 

Metal Security Fencing

Peart Mesh Security Fencing

MasterView mesh offer a range of metal security fencing systems and is fast becoming one of the most popular fencing types in the UK.
Originating from the EU, mesh systems provide some of the most secure perimeter protection without compromising on visibility through the fence. Our MasterView range of mesh panel systems offer a varied choice of perimeter protection ranging from MasterView Profile – the most affordable mesh system, through to MasterView 358 – the most secure within the MasterView range and one of the most formidable security fences available today. MasterView 358 is found where security is paramount and is the preferred choice for high security facilities such as prisons and airports. 

High Security Fencing

Palisade Security FencingPalisade high security fencing provides an immediate visual deterrent and is widely renowned as the most popular security fence. Although all palisade systems may look the same, there is in fact a vast range of specification combinations to choose from, meaning there’s a palisade fence for every application and budget. The ultimate high security fence solution.

Posts and vertical pales are available in a variety of designs and thicknesses to satisfy a wide range of security demands. Additional security can be achieved by finishing the pales with triple pointed and splayed tops or extending them into a concrete sill. Palisade can be found within both urban and suburban environments, protecting various facilities ranging from industrial estates to Ministry of Defence buildings. Peart Palisade is a well established security fence and the preferred choice for Network Rail to provide nationwide safety across their entire UK rail infrastructure. Main utility providers such as gas, electric, water and as of more recent times, solar farms all depend on high security palisade to protect their facilities and infrastructures too.

Security gates are available to compliment all of our security fencing systems.
Gates can be tailored to suit individual security requirements, such as automation, keypad entry or barbed wire extensions. 

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