25 Jan 2014
Peart Fencing Successfully Supplied Fencing to Glastonbury Festival in 2013
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UK-based Peart Fencing recently supplied a wide range of fencing products to the widely popular Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury, UK – 04.02.14

In an effort to ensure maximum logistical efficiency for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, organisers enlisted the help of Peart Fencing, a company whose reputation for providing outstanding service and support proved to be an honest assessment of their current worth. This recent collaboration is the second time that the Glastonbury Festival has used Peart Fencing. Previously, the company was hired to supply security fencing during a past edition of the acclaimed event. As Glastonbury Festival routinely attracts a variety of musical heavyweights and celebrities, it's no surprise that promoters and festival managers felt it was in their best interest to find a company that had a reputation for outstanding service.


In addition to offering security fencing for the event, Peart Fencing has supplied permanent and palisade fencing products to both Glastonbury and other similar events. Peart Fencing was also responsible for looking after on-site utilities. This was an essential task, as it was necessary to keep festival attendees away from the generators which were keeping the events running. Negotiations between Peart Fencing and the Glastonbury Festival were fairly swift. As Peart had previously provided fencing before to Glastonbury, it was a “no-brainer” to go with them again. 60 metres of fencing used at the festival were devoted specifically to protecting equipment as opposed to guarding the perimeter of the event. Logistical details were arranged four to five months prior to the beginning of the event. As a testament to Peart Fencing's commitment to quality, some of the products used at Glastonbury were custom built to the specifications dictated by the needs of the festival.

According to Colin Stead, managing director of Peart Fencing, “Due to our overwhelmingly positive reception, Peart Fencing has once again been tapped to provide their services at the upcoming edition of the festival. Obviously, Peart is now considered to be one of the Glastonbury Festival's most trusted suppliers. In addition to this event, Peart Fencing is currently collaborating on a variety of other large projects around the country, many of which also feature large crowds and high pedestrian density. Peart Fencing currently offers their services to clients across the UK as a whole.”

Thanks to their commitment to quality, Peart Fencing has established themselves on a national level in a relatively short period of time. If they continue operating at this level of efficiency for their dedicated client base, their future is indeed quite bright.

Peart Fencing offers a variety of fencing products for organisations across a range of sizes and industries.

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